Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Psychedelic... music??

Last semester a few friends and I went to a local EDM (electronic dance music) event, also known as a rave. While some of us had a great time, two of my friends stood around rather awkwardly, unsure of what to do. When asked if everything was alright, they replied with a question, "How do you dance to techno?".
To be honest, I can't really describe it or write a how-to. There isn't really any set way to dance to electronic music that you can learn. What you can do is simply let the music take control of your mind and your body. Let loose and allow your body to move any way it wants to the beat. Remember - it's virtually impossible to look stupid dancing at a rave (looking at you, V-guy).
The reason people enjoy "techno" (I won't get into the technical (no pun intented) definition of the word/genre) so much is that it appeals on a very primitive level. It allows your mind to disconnect from the everyday and float away to a funky psychedelic land where your limbs can go free and be one with the music. Swing your arms, shake your head, stomp your feet - whatever each part of your body feels like doing.
Now, go download some trance, throw on your headphones, and let it all go.


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